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We are confident in, and proud of our teachers.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Our teachers are ALL well learned in, and are each capable of teaching all four subjects offered by Learning for Living. Each however is an expert in at least one of these areas and has been assigned to facilitating the courses in the area of his/her greatest competence.

2. Our teachers are first and foremost passionate about the sciences, especially their chosen area of specialization and have all demonstrated their ability to deliver and engineer student success at the CSEC level.

3. Our teachers are youthful, dynamic and innovative and so can identify with and cater to our adolescent population so that they too will bloom into smart, vibrant and successful young men and women.

4. Our teachers understand how students learn and have been trained in planning and delivering stimulating student-centered lessons which cater for students with varying abilities whether learning alone or in a group.

Our teachers share one vision and we work as a team.

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