Last Summer, we partnered with over 20 businesses and individuals to host a Six Week Educational Game Show Series entitled BrainSTORM, where two groups of students competed against each other in our version of popular television game shows such as Jeopardy!®Family Feud®and Who wants to be a Millionaire®.

This year, we will respond to requests from many parents and students for additional assistance via a Summer Programme called Remedi-ALLTwo programmes have been planned to provide revision and advanced preparation for a range of subjects including English, Mathematics & Science at Primary level, and Business & Sciences at Secondary Level.

Details of Dates, Time, Venue and Cost are provided below:

Primary Level:

  • July 31- Aug 11 | 2 Weeks | $250 | Registration Fee $20 | Grades 1-6
  • Content: Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Fun-Time
  • Venue: Learning For Living

Secondary Level:

  • July 31 – Aug 18 | 3 Weeks | $300 | Registration Fee $20 | Forms 1-5
  • Subjects: Mathematics, English A & B, Spanish, French, P.O.A., P.O.B., Chemistry, Biology, Physics, I.S. I.T., Geography, History
  • Venue: St. Vincent Grammar School

Registration Forms are available at our office
as well as can be completed by clicking this link or the button above.We look forward to your participation and support.Be sure to forward this email to someone else
who you think can benefit by participating.
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