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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Learning for Living?

Who does Learning for Living cater for?

What does learning for Living do?

When will these classes be held?

When/how can I register and enroll?

Where is Learning for Living located?

Why is Learning for Living doing this?

How does Learning for Living plan to accomplish its mission?

How much money do I have to pay?


1.  What is Learning for Living?

  • Learning for Living is a new and dynamic  educational enterprise that provides private tuition in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Our programmes are delivered through a team of vibrant, innovative, qualified and experienced educators who have a vision to help young people increase their knowledge in the natural sciences and mathematics and to help them develop the requisite skills for further application to solving real life problems.
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2.  Who does Learning for cater for?

  • Our main target group is adolescent youth who are enrolled in mainstream school.


3.  What does learning for Living do?

  • We offer classes in the natural sciences and mathematics as follows:

              Chemistry            Physics             Biology         Mathematics           English

*See our Courses Page for more details.


4.  When will these classes be held?

  • Courses for term 1 will begin on September 7th, 2015.
  • Individual classes last up to an hour and a half, and are mostly scheduled for Mondays-Fridays at 3:30-5:00 pm.
  • Additional lessons are often scheduled for Saturdays to accommodate extra practice or to address specific areas.


5.  When can I register and enroll?


6. Where is Learning for Living located?

  • Our main classroom is located, on 2nd Floor Sprott Bros. Building on Bay Street in Kingstown.
  • See Map on the right for our locations.


7.  Why is Learning for Living doing this?

  • Learning for Living wishes to provide an avenue for students who desire excellence, greater success and more meaningful learning than can be provided/achieved solely within the walls of their classrooms at school.
  • Learning for Living wishes to provide an avenue for students who have NOT been afforded the opportunity to pursue studies in the natural sciences at their school for various reasons.
  • Most of all… We love the sciences and we acknowledge that they, along with mathematics are powerful tools which our youths can use to make a big difference to their lives and to impact the world in which we live.
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8.  How does Learning for Living accomplish its mission?

  • Students are taught, guided and assessed in each area of study and are provided with fun and interactive activities to reinforce fundamental concepts.
  • Cooperative Learning, Competition, Games, Videos, Quizzes and other more contemporary teaching methods and learning aids are used to coincide with the more modern practices and learning styles of our younger generation.


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